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Exeogen has been building real-time EDI solutions for our clients since our company began. Our systems connect with many major companies across many major VANs. Our systems can connect via AS2, FTP, HTTP and other methods and send a variety of format types from X12, XML and customized documents. If your company requires managed and integrated EDI connections we are ready to impress.

We have the direct integration experience!

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We have the connection
capabilities you need!

  • VAN
    Value Added Network

    If your trading partner requires you to connect through a VAN, we have the systems and experience to make these connections efficiently and cost effectively.
  • AS2
    Applicability Statement 2

    AS2 is quickly becoming the new standard for business to business EDI connections. It does not incur VAN fees, it is secure and it provides message repudiation.
  • FTP and SFTP
    File Transfer Protocol

    FTP has long been used in business to business EDI connections. Except when using SFTP it is less secure than other connection types.
  • HTTP and HTTPS
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol

    HTTP is a good alternative to FTP connections where performance is a concern. This option is easy to setup but does not have the message repudiation of AS2.