When choosing a software systems provider for your company, it's important to find one than can deliver solutions to all of the technical challenges your company is facing. Trying to piece multiple disparate systems together is time consuming and often creates a great deal of overhead for your company and staff. At Exeogen we have the diverse skill set and technical knowledge base to provide your company with a unified and integrated system.

We build integrated and unified systems

  • Exeogen ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

    ERP systems have long been a core competency for exeogen. With the exeogen Orion Platform we build highly competitive ERP systems that allow our clients to compete on the world state against competitors with much higher priced ERP systems. Our ERP system framework is strongly dynamic, highly customizable and provides strong integration for industry EDI standards and business automation.
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  • EDI with Exeogen TradePoint Server

    Exeogen has been building real-time EDI solutions for our clients since our company began. Our systems connect with many major companies across many major VANs. Our systems can connect via AS2, FTP, HTTP and other methods and send a variety of format types from X12, XML and customized documents. If your company requires managed and integrated EDI connections we are ready to impress.
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  • Systems Architecture

    Building software systems that are going to provide power, value and scalability is not a simple undertaking. It takes a wealth of knowledge and experience to make sure systems are properly designed. A properly designed system will protect your investment in software development while addressing your current business needs.
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  • Mobile Application Development

    Allowing their staff the ability to work from mobile devices is something our clients have always benefited from. At exeogen we build iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile apps that allow your work force to stay in touch and perform tasks while away from their desks. Our mobile software systems are another way we are allowing our clients to maintain an efficiency competitive advantage. From barcode scanning, RFD and mobile printing, we have a solution that can save your company time and money.
  • MRP - Manufacturing Resource Planning

    Exeogen has been building MRP systems since our company began in 2002. We have help many companies to gain control of their inventory, raw materials and production processes. We build real-time inventory management systems that allow our clients to control inventory with mobile barcode scanners and easy to use touch screen interfaces.